“A fascinating psychological analysis of the Iliad’s heroes . . . an interesting and provocative work that offers a fresh way of thinking about warrior psychology.”– Bryn Mawr Classical Review

“Holway’s book comes at well-worn material with a fresh perspective. It has much to teach us about the connection between familial and cultural violence, and the interpenetration of the micro and macro forces that shape human communities.” — Polis

“An excellent resource for numerous fields of study. Highly recommended.” — Choice

“This book is not only good to think with: it is also good, very good, to talk about.” — Gregory Nagy, Harvard University (from the Foreword)

“A profound and timeless study of the psychological consequences of being raised in a martial society that values the defense of honor–personal and collective–above all else.” — (Randolph Roth, author of American Homicide, Ohio State University)

“By applying the current psychology of attachment theory to the Iliad, this book illuminates Homer and Greek myth. What we see is a culture that depends on and perpetuates child-sacrifice and destructive family dynamics.” — (Grace Ledbetter, author of Poetics before Plato, Swarthmore College)

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